The body’s ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe

Success stories

“I came to Kerry with pains in my shoulders, upper back and neck which I had for over 2 weeks. I was unable to move my head from side to side without pain and restriction. After one massage session with Kerry I was able to move my neck and the pains in my shoulders and upper back were gone within a couple of days.  I have booked for a second session to work on a previous injury that I have and look forward to similar results as last time. I would highly recommend Kerry, when I explained the issues I was having she asked questions that were relevant and as a result she was able to target the areas with great results.”

“I initially saw Kerry with a sore lower back. We had just had our first child and I was suffering pain from long periods carrying him and picking him up in awkward positions. Kerry was able to offer immediate relief. More importantly she found the underlying cause, tightness and weakness in my gluteal muscles and hamstrings. Over time she has been able to work on these issues. I am now more flexible, free from pain and better able to understand my body. I know when something is not right, can self correct or guide Kerry to problem areas during further treatment. I cannot recommend Kerry highly enough. Added to all this, she is a lovely person and cares about her clients.”

“During the later stages of Pregnancy I started to suffer with lower back pain and once I had given birth the pain in my back was unbearable. After a couple of treatments with Kerry movement became much easier and she also helped me to relax and relieve a lot of tension.

Kerry helped ease me back into my challenging exercise routine after birth. Kerry’s competence along with sports knowledge and positive attitude was vital to my recovery during this time. I have been a regular client for over 4 years and highly recommend trying her treatments to reduce the aches and pains of pregnancy and getting yourself back into fitness”

”Kerry is a superb massage therapist. She takes time to get to know you to understand your body and how she can best help you. I have always carried tension in my shoulders. Holding my newborn son in my arms and breastfeeding him for hours on end then caused significant pain and stiffness in my shoulders, back and neck.

I was initially nervous about having a sports massage – my body had just been through its greatest test – childbirth, and it was still recovering. Kerry put me at ease immediately with her warm character and professionalism.

As my mind and body have moved out of post partum recovery and I am now focused on getting the baby weight off through exercise and lots of long walks in the park, Kerry has adapted her treatments to new problem areas.

Kerry is fantastic. She is focused on helping her clients short and long term by remediating their pain and ‘unlocking’ their bodies for them”


“Being a personal trainer and athlete in my own right, it’s to be expected that I am going to pick up a certain amount of injuries and experience a fair amount of discomfort. After consulting with multiple sports therapists and seeing no progress, I had begun to lose hope. There was so much tightness in my neck, upper back, chest and shoulders that I could no longer perform basic exercises such as push ups without chronic pain. That was until I was introduced to Kerry through a mutual friend.

Within four sessions my posture was seemingly fixed and I no longer experienced the numbness in my hands and forearms. As a boxer it is inevitable that I am also going to take a few punches to the face, however now Kerry has loosened my neck up, I don’t go home with a blinding migraine after every session. I am stronger, more durable and happier thanks to Kerry. I am so impressed with her ability as a sports therapist that I recommend her to every single one of my clients too.

She is extremely dedicated to her clients. I challenge anyone to find a better sports therapist in London”

“As an experienced cyclist I know how important it is to take muscle pain serious. During a multiple day bike ride, I suffered pain in my left arm and shoulder. Kerry was able to locate the source of the pain, which was a pulled muscle in my back. She managed to sort me out and get me fit on the bike again”